December 2017

Exciting news about Marcelo Bratke. On 19 December 2017 Marcelo was awarded his country's highest cultural honour the Order of Merit at the Presidential Palace in Brasilia from President Michel Temer in the presence of First Last Marcela Temer and the Minister of Culture João de Sá Leitão. We are proud to be associated with Marcelo both in business and friendship and are delighted that his tireless work promoting Brazilian classical music and educational musical outreach to young people has been publicly recognised and his inspirational story can reach out and inspire people to triumph through adversity wherever they are.

Spring 2017

Mario Pirovano has recently returned from a very successful tour to Bangkok and Singapore where I was lucky to catch him on stage at Republic Polytechnic's wonderful Cultural Centre's theatre. He gave an animated and captivating performance of Mistero Buffo in English to a delighted audience.

Dimitri Tarlow's sold out performances of The Great Chimera and Chekhov's Three Sisters have finished for the 2016/20017 season and Dimitri has been on stage himself at Poreia Theatre in a rarely performed production of Labiche's Le Plus heureux des trois directed by Yiannis Houvardas. Running simultaneously at the National Theatre in Athens in the Ziller Building - stage "Nikos Kourkulos" is a new play Reaping, written by Dimitris Dimitriadis, directed by Dimitri Tarlow.

Marcelo Bratke has been in Brazil on tour and completing his very successful documentary series on Villa Lobos as well as featuring in a film about his life story. His production of 'L'invitation au voyage' with actor Marco Gambino and a video scenography by Mariannita Luzzati is ready for further performance opportunities. 

November 2016

Brazilian pianist Marcelo Bratke has just returned to London from a Brazilian tour of L'invitation au voyage which took the province of São Paulo by storm. This production, a synthesis of piano solo, poetry performed by Italian actor Marco Gambino with a video scenography by Brazilian artist Mariannita Luzzati, brought Brazilian audiences to their feet and a more extensive tour is in a formative stage. Initially performed at Southbank Centre, London this has now developed into an even more captivating show ready to entertain UK audiences.

October 2016

It was with great sadness that we learned of the death of the great Italian Nobel Prizewinning laureate Dario Fo. He was a great man and still creating and performing until his death at age 90 on 13 October. He was due to give an interview in Edinburgh just before he passed away, as a highlight of a month-long celebration of his work including an exhibition of some of his extensive portfolio of paintings, a little known side of his creativity. The festival was called 'Dancing with Colours, Whipping with Words'. Mario's performance was very well received.

Mario Pirovano, Dario Fo's close colleague and dear friend continues performing his one-man plays, giving workshops and promoting the full range of Fo's work with even more dedication in the knowledge that Fo's works are as powerful and important today as the time in which they were written.

July 2016

Just arrived back in London after a stimulating 3 weeks of festivals in Europe - music, art and opera. First stop Angela Hewitt's music festival at Lago Trasimeno in Italy where I interviewed Marina Mahler, granddaughter of Gustav and Alma Mahler at a pre-concert event. Then off to Austria to the inaugural Mahler Festival at Steinbach am Attersee where Mahler composed most of Symphony No. 2 and all of Symphony No. 3. A couple of days seeing the Mahler-LeWitt Studio artists and their participation in the Spoleto Festival and then to the amazing festival at Aix-en-Provence where I saw 3 operas: the most spell-binding production of Debussy's Pelléas and Mélisande I could ever hope to see, directed by Katie Mitchell and starring the mesmerising Barbara Hannigan; Peter Sellars production of Stravinsky's Oedipus Rex and Symphony of Psalms and the ground-breaking opera written in Arabic and telling a folk-story from Palestine by Moneim Adwan called Kalîla wa Dimna. All were outstanding and the first two were conducted by Esa-Pekka Salonen and played by the Philharmonia Orchestra. On my return to the UK I had a delightful evening in the Cotswolds at Longborough Festival Opera's production of Jenûfa.

May 2016

I am excited that I am following my heart and focussing my passion for theatre. Jill Segal Associates Ltd. will pull together all my past experience: qualification as a barrister; time spent in the design and art world; 14 years as an agent promoting and managing the careers of classical musicians and consulting in the arts handling projects which captured my interest. Now I am finally wearing the hat that fits me well. I welcome my new friends, colleagues and of course clients and look forward to our enriching journey together.